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WID Moves to the Ed Roberts Campus!

On November 15, 2010 WID moved to the Ed Roberts Campus (ERC), named after Ed Roberts, one of our founders, and envisioned as an international center for the Independent Living Movement. Please note our new address and contact information:


World Institute on Disability

3075 Adeline Street, Suite 280

Berkeley, CA 94703

Tel: (510) 225-6400

Fax: (510) 225-0477

TTY: (510) 225-40478


The Ed Roberts Campus is a universally designed, transit-oriented campus, located at Berkeley, California's Ashby Bay Area Rapid Transit Station. This multi-modal transit orientation will allow WID, six other disability organizations and visitors easy access to local airports, buses, taxis and paratransit services and provide unprecedented access to all ERC organizations, activities and services. The ERC will offer an impressive array of disability-related services and programs in one totally accessible location; model integrated and accessible service delivery; serve as a national resource for research, legal analysis, education, training, and innovative program development; and provide training, technical assistance, and opportunities for collaboration with disability organizations worldwide.

The universally designed building incorporates fully accessible exhibition space, community meeting rooms, a child development center, offices, vocational training facilities and a café; a helical ramp that permits easy access and safe evacuation; accessible elevators with automatic doors and wide corridors to create easy circulation; restrooms that accommodate all ability levels; specially designed signage and way-finding devices guide people who are blind or have low vision; and hands-free sensors and timers control lighting, acoustical, and security systems.

For more information, visit the Ed Roberts Campus website:

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