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Personal Assistance Services: A New Millennium

A Gathering About Progress, Opportunities and Partnerships

A Report on the Conference Held July 23-25, 1999, Bethesda, Maryland

For a person with a disability, a personal assistant can make the difference between living in the community or being institutionalized. That's why the World Institute on Disability's (WID) Personal Assistance Services (PAS) Division is engaged in a comprehensive project to determine how PAS can best promote the independent living, economic self-sufficiency, and full integration of people with disabilities into society.

This summer, WID teamed up with four other organizations committed to promoting the full inclusion of people into society. Together they brought together 120 key leaders engaged in PAS to accomplish the following:

Goals of Conference:

  • Develop a unified vision for PAS that incorporates the diverse perspectives and goals of those involved

  • Create a set of shared recommendations and action steps to expand and improve PAS in the new millennium

  • Encourage and strengthen partnerships with other individuals and groups concerned with PAS

What you'll find here:

  • Report: Our recommendations and action plans.

  • Participants: People who attended the conference.

  • Co-Sponsors: The organizations that helped make this event possible.

  • Agenda: What we did, when we did it and where.

  • Resolution: Where it all began: The 1991 Resolution.

Conference information compiled by Elissa Berrol, World Institute on Disability