EQUITY the Book

For nearly a decade, WID’s EQUITY newsletters have been the voice of the asset building movement inclusive of people with disabilities. In that time, EQUITY, along with its partners, has helped direct the message of economic inclusion for people with disabilities to the asset building community, policy makers, financial industry, people with disabilities and a plethora of like-minded advocates and non-profit leaders.

EQUITY: Asset Building Strategies for People with Disabilities, A Guide to Financial Empowerment covers all topics that are important for people with disabilities in their quest for strong finances and asset building. Pulling together information from years of newsletters, the book includes chapters on benefits, home ownership, entrepreneurship, retirement, and more. Click on the image below for free access to the full book in PDF and be sure to share it with your friends!

Link to the full text of the EQUITY book; image of the front cover of the EQUITY book: a green background with "EQUITY" written in large, white letters
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We also offer a series of videos that sums up some of the most vital points of EQUITY. For example, below is a fun-spirited video on budgeting. If you’re interested in more videos, click on the link to the EQUITY videos post.

For more information about EQUITY, contact Thomas Foley, WID Deputy Director/Program Director, at tom@wid.org.

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