Post-Election Results: What the Next Administration Can Do to Support Americans with Disabilities

Collage of 3 photos: staff member Alex presents on ABLE, staff members Tom and Kat meet with a visiting Swedish Delegation, staff members Loretta and Elizabeth pose in front of WID's Disability Concierge DeskAs with many Americans, we at the World Institute on Disability (WID) are concerned with how the 2016 election results will impact the disability community and all diverse communities. Over the past several decades, the progress around the rights of people with disabilities—including increased accessibility of services, improved public accommodations, and recent legislation, such as the ABLE Act, which helps young people with disabilities gain true financial independence and saves taxpayer dollars—has boasted significant milestones for our community nationwide.

We are committed to continuing this progress, and we recognize that there is still much more to be done.  However, we also see that there is constant pressure to roll back many of these advances in disability rights under the assumption that to do so would save money.

Reduction of services, resulting in exclusion of people with disabilities, is extremely costly in financial and human terms. Certain healthcare and benefits proposals can endanger the health, independence, and financial security of people with disabilities. Some broader issues, such as climate change, will have a drastic impact on our community unless people with disabilities are included in the planning and preparation.

We are committed to working with the next administration to support disability rights in all its forms and to prevent any changes that would negatively affect people with disabilities across the U.S. and around the world.

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High priority areas for attention include:

Benefits reform that enables people with disabilities to work while still maintaining benefits to offset the high cost of disability;

Expanded employment opportunities with special attention to ensuring that employees with disabilities are appropriately accommodated and welcomed in the workplace;

Healthcare and personal assistant services that fully support people with disabilities’ health needs, including access to quality affordable medical care; medication and durable medical equipment; and fitness and nutrition resources, all equal to that of other Americans;

Disability discrimination, which must be combated in all its forms, including employment, education, and housing;

Climate change policies that include people with disabilities in planning and preparation; and

Representation by people with disabilities in all aspects of government.

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Wishing you a a joyful, healthy holiday season and a happy New Year from the WID family!

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