Climate-Related Migration

Climate change will lead to large-scale dislocation and migration on a scale we have never seen, likely with hundreds of millions of people displaced from their homes by mid-century. According to the International Organization for Migration, there will be upwards of 100,000 “climate migrants” in the coming decades–and that migration can lead to social and political strife worldwide.

Climate migration can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  • people evacuating ahead of strong storms and never returning
  • people moving in search for resources, such as water
  • people abandoning “unlivable” homes (e.g. those flooded by rising oceans)
  • or even refugees from conflicts sparked by climate -related factors.

People with disabilities will have an especially difficult time managing this mass displacement and migration. Among other things, they may:

  • lack access to reliable, accessible transportation
  • have difficulty finding accessible and appropriate housing
  • become disconnected from personal or social support networks
  • be unable to re-enroll in or maintain healthcare or other social services
  • or outright be turned away at the border because of their disability.

To find out more about this connection, please read Alex Ghenis’s white paper in the International Organization on Migration’s environmental migration series. We also have available the New Earth Disability Migration blog in PDF form: Migration (3 parts) (PDF)

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