Education Materials

Public education and engagement are cornerstones of any successful initiative, and we strive to build them through our materials and productions. Our NED team is committed to creating materials, videos, and other educational resources about climate change and disability to distribute widely and bring the public on board. This is built to meet many goals, such as raising awareness, engaging advocates, and providing the information needed for people to prepare for climate change on their own. Among other things, we have created or are pursuing:

  • Editorials and other articles highlighting the disability-climate change connection
  • Information materials for important individual actions (such as handouts and worksheets)
  • Videos, including shorter features and longer documentary pieces
  • Webpages with links, resources, and more detail about these connections

It is always amazing to see the impact that education can have on people’s lives-_ when the public is aware of these important issues, they will buy in to support real change. When they are given the resources to prepare on their own, individuals with disabilities can be much more prepared when climate change comes their way. The NED team is always interested in partners who can help spread the word. If you would like to join us, please email Alex Ghenis at

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