Groundbreaking Research

There has been very little published research on the intersection of climate change and disability (as you can see on our existing resources page). We plan to pursue groundbreaking research at many levels including a diversity of disabilities, climate impacts, and geographies. Our existing publications cover high-scale research on heat waves and migration, and we will pursue much more research as opportunities arise.

This research will require partnerships with other agencies, institutions, and organizations who address both climate change and disability issues. Some of our potential research could include:

  • Existing consequences of climate change and how it has affected people with disabilities
  • Focusing in on specific stories, locations or events
  • Successful advocacy, engagement and response policies
  • Specific topics such as disaster relief and recovery (DRR) or migration policy
  • Next steps and avenues for climate adaptation

The information that emerges from groundbreaking research can be used to make positive change at many, many levels. Our research on disability and climate change will make that difference – and it will also take time, energy, partners and funding. If you would like to partner or support our projects, please email Alex Ghenis at

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