Chapter 1: Benefits

It is possible for people with disabilities to work and save while retaining the benefits they need. Learn about ABLE accounts that allow saving for the future and Medicaid working-disabled programs that allow people with disabilities to earn money while keeping healthcare and personal attendant services. More information can be found in Chapter 1 of the EQUITY book.

Chapter 1 Benefits (PDF)


Student Earned Income Exclusions llama video transcript here

1619B llama video transcript here

ABLE Accounts llama video transcript here


Benefits can be a little tricky, especially for people who are new to the disability community. We worked with CFPB to design two tools to help people understand how to navigate their benefits and still work and save money.

SSI Estimator

Ah, the SSI estimator! We worked with CFPB to ensure this tool demonstrates a simple concept when it comes to benefits and work. And, that is: you are always financially better off working than not! Check this tool out. It shows in a general way how the SSI earned income calculation works. Remember, this is just an estimator; we’ve taken some shortcuts, but it gives a pretty good overview how you can earn money at a job and how your SSI benefits might be affected.

SSI Estimator tool (PDF)

For a more in-depth understanding of benefits and work and some super awesome calculators and tools, check out

Setting Up An ABLE Account

A lot of people think you can’t work and save money on benefits. This tool that we created with CFPB dispels that myth and shows how folks with disabilities can use work incentive programs to earn and save for the things that are important to them and their families!

Setting Up An Able Account tool (PDF)

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