Chapter 7: Self-Employment

There are several great opportunities for folks with disabilities when it comes to self-employment. Whether you want to start the next Silicon Valley garage start-up or just arrange a little side-hustle for extra dollars, this chapter can help get the creative juices flowing. More information can be found in Chapter 7 of the EQUITY book.

Chapter 7 Self-Employment (PDF)



Though creating a full-fledged start-up may sound a little daunting, many highly successful people have a small side-hustle. Maybe you love to take pictures at weddings or you want to drive for a ride-share company. Feel free to get creative!

Small Business Planning

It’s time for self-employment! Use this sheet to calculate your start-up costs and how you will fund your business. Feel free to change the categories and amounts to fit your style – and once your “Extra Funds” is more than $0, you’re good to go!

Small Business Planning tool (Excel)

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