Chapter 3: Paying Down Debt

Debt. It’s rarely anyone’s favorite topic, but it is really important to getting one’s financial house in order. Learn the lucky seven ways to pay down debt, including paying more than the minimum payment and “snowballing.” More information can be found in Chapter 3 of the EQUITY book.

Chapter 3 Paying Down Debt (PDF)


Student Loans llama video transcript here


We’ve built two great tools with CFPB and one additional tool to help organize your debt-crushing strategies.

Debt Collectors

Do you ever wonder about your rights and responsibilities when it comes to debt collectors? Here is a great tool to help navigate this important financial issue.

Debt Collectors tool (PDF)

Debt Worksheet

We know. We know. But it’s important to get all the information about all one’s debts in one place. This is a great tool to get a big-picture look at your over all debt so you can begin to take action!

Debt Worksheet tool (PDF)

Debt Payoff

Want to find out how long it’ll take to pay off a debt or loan? Just use this calculator! To start out, enter the amount of your debt and its annual interest rate. Then, put in how much money you plan to pay off each month, and the calculator will tell you how long it will take to pay off the debt!

Debt Payoff tool (Excel)

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