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Research on Climate & Disability

Research has been a cornerstone of WID’s work for decades and is a vital component of new Earth Disability project. Why is research important? The answer is simple: we must understand the complex dynamics between climate change and disability to develop the best strategies for resilience. The New Earth Disability initiative uses groundbreaking research covering a range of disabilities, climate impacts, and geographies in intersectional dynamics. Our existing publications cover high-scale research on such topics as heat waves and migration, and we plan much more in the future. This research can be done on its own or as a part of larger policy initiatives and partnerships – for example, through community focus groups to understand local needs and develop adaptation strategies.

WID works with partners to publish research and policy papers, such as this piece from the International Organization on Migration’s Policy Brief Series, “Making migration accessible: Inclusive relocation for people with disabilities”

This research will require partnerships with other agencies, institutions, and organizations which address both climate change and disability issues. Some important research topics include:

  • Existing consequences of climate change and how it has affected people with disabilities
  • Successful advocacy, engagement and response policies
  • Specific topics such as disaster relief and recovery (DRR) or migration policy
  • Focusing in on specific stories, locations or events
  • Utilizing research to develop next steps and avenues for climate adaptation

The information that emerges from groundbreaking research can be used to make positive change at many levels. Ideally, our findings will support stakeholders from activists to policymakers to other researchers looking to expand this important field. As is often the case, it will also take time, energy, and partners – so if you would like to partner or support our projects, please email Alex Ghenis at

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