Officials and planners around the world are preparing for oncoming climate change, and we want to help. The New Earth Disability team aims to work with other nonprofits and government agencies to incorporate disability into climate change-related efforts at every level possible. This could include anything from drafting disability sections into planning documents, to connecting disability and climate adaptation stakeholders at different geographies. We are also interested in specific topics ranging from long-term infrastructure planning over to disaster readiness and response (DRR) and other emergency efforts.

Some of our past, current and future partnerships include:

  • Providing input for government climate impact assessments and planning processes. This includes National Climate Assessment and California State-level activities (such as the Adapting to Rising Tides initiative) .
  • Educating disaster planners and the public about including disability in disaster readiness. Our staff has worked with disaster shelter managers to train Functional Assessment Service Teams (FAST) for well over 5 years. We also are developing disaster readiness guides for individuals with paralysis, with the generous support of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.
  • Researching regional resilience needs of people with disabilities and developing guidance for agencies and government planners. Our team is working alongside the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in the San Francisco Bay Area to research the transportation needs of the Bay Area disability community – and develop plans and educational materials to build more dynamic transportation systems for people with disabilities.

We are excited to partner with other entities, whether through grant-funded initiatives, direct consultation or as part of an official proceeding. For more info please contact Alex Ghenis at or Marsha Saxton at

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