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There is already existing research on climate change and disability, including literature on general connections, social factors, disaster preparedness and other issues. Below is a list of resources that we have found online through our research: our original compilation was assembled in 2016, and we have added more as time goes on. The amount of articles and literature continue to grow, so if you find any more articles or research related to climate change and disability, please let us know by emailing Alex Ghenis at alex@wid.org and we will add those resources to this page.

Articles, Editorials, and Info Pages

Disability and Disaster Response in the Age of Climate Change David M Perry, PS Mag. Dec 2017

It’s Time to Recognize Climate Change as a Disability Rights Issue Tiffany Yu, Rooted in Rights. Dec 2017

Disability, Climate Change and Natural Disasters (podcast) Disability Rap podcast. Oct 2017

Disability Inclusion in Climate-Related Disaster Preparation Marcie Roth, Hilton Prize Coalition. Sep 2017

The Disabled Are Probably the Most Vulnerable to Climate Change Effects Robin Scher, TruthDig. Apr 2017

Climate Adaptation, Adaptive Climate Justice, and People with Disabilities Alex Ghenis, Union of Concerned Scientists guest commentary. Apr 2017

The End of the World as We Know It Alex Ghenis, New Mobility Magazine. Mar 2016

 “Resilience, Disability, And Climate Change: What is the Role of Education” – A Keynote Speech at The Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity. Kathryn Ross Wayne. 2014

Voices of People with Disabilities Must Be Heard in Climate Change Adaptation Debate Kate Wilson, International Institute for Environment and Development. May 2014

Economic Inclusion of Disabled People Key to Climate Resilience Elizabeth Braw, The Guardian. Nov 2013

Climate Change and Disability: Prezi Active Presentation Aruna Dahal. Sep 2011

A Just Climate: Our Responsibility to Act Caritas Australia. 2009

BBC Ouch!: Where Disability Meets Climate Change Kate Ansell, BBC Ouch! 2009

Hasaan Foundation: Disabilities and Climate Change Hasaan Foundation

Academic Articles, Papers, & Research

Environmental Citizenship and Disability Equality: The Need for an Inclusive Approach Deborah Fenney Salkeld, Environmental Politics Journal. Dec 2017

Disability and Climate Resilience: a Literature Review Smith, Simard, Twigg, Kett, and Cole. Leonard Cheshire Disability & UK Aid. Apr 2017

A Policies of Inclusion and Exclusion for the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) interlinked with The Climate Change Adaptation: Case Study of Bangladesh Natasha Israt Kabir, International Journal of Multicultural and Multireligious Understanding. Aug 2016

CQ University Grant Announcement for Developing Climate Change Vulnerability Index for Queenslanders with Disabilities. CQ University. July 2014

Understanding Impacts of Climate Change and Adverse Weather Effects on People with a Disability and Their Carers Rae Walker, Enliven (Australia). Jul 2013

Climate Change, Water, Sanitation and Energy Insecurity: Invisibility of People with Disabilities Gregor Wolbring & Verlyn Leopatra, Canadian Journal of Disability Studies. Aug 2012

Enhancing Persons with Disability Responses & Participation in the Climate Change Mitigation – A Grant Program Received by United Disability Empowerment in Kenya. (Satisfactorily Completed 2011) The GEF Small Grants Program, UNDP. 2011

A Culture of Neglect: Climate Discourse and Disabled People Gregor Worbling, Media and Culture Journal. Oct 2009

Disability and Climate Change: Understanding Vulnerability and Building Resilience in a Changing World CBM

Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction – Mainstreaming Disability CBM

Access to Sustainable Lifestyles: Disability and Environmental Citizenship Deborah Fenney Salkeld, Working Paper

Sustainable Lifestyles for All? Disability Equality, Sustainability and the Limitations of Current UK Policy Deborah Fenney Salkeld, Working Paper

Policy Papers

Getting It Wrong: An Indictment with a Blueprint for Getting It Right The Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies. May 2018

IDA and IDDC Advocacy Package: Engagement in The Post-2015 Development Agenda Inclusive of and Accessible to Persons with Disabilities. International Disability Alliance (IDA) and International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC)


The Impact of Climate Change on People with Disabilities: Report of the 5-Day E-Discussion Hosted by GPDD & World Bank The Global Partnership for Disability & Development (GPDD) and The World Bank (Human Development Network – Social Protection/Disability & Development Team (July 8, 2009)

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