The Disability Factor

Having a known or visible disability can often create negative reactions or understandings about your employment potential. This is especially true if you express yourself in ways which reinforce these stereotypes. People, including many employers, may make inaccurate assumptions about what your potential is when they learn that you have a disability. These reactions can often be negative, so building your professional skills must start here.

This content explores the various ways you can best represent your disability in the world of work. The ideas and approaches that follow can vary based on your style and personality. Accept these ideas as important considerations in order to present yourself in the best possible way. Take these concepts as starting points for you to refine further in the ways that are most comfortable for you. One word of caution, however: while you can adapt these techniques to your circumstances, you should try not to stray too far from the basic truths and realities these practices represent.

Part I- The Disability Factor (PDF)


Workshop #1: Managing Your Disability in Competitive Employment (PDF)

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