Workplace Practices

Employees who are successful quickly learned the key “tricks of the trade” or the workplace rules of the road discussed in this content. Employees who don’t quickly learn these rules most often get in trouble. The interesting thing about these workplace rules is that nobody ever teaches them to you before you go to the world of work. Either you learn them through trial and error or not at all, in which case you will likely end up failing in your job.

In any case, for most new workers, it takes a long time, as well as repeated mistakes, before they understand the value of these workplace rules. In other words, you usually learn them the hard way by making mistakes. That’s too bad because you can avoid these mistakes with some basic instruction on what the key practices are. Failure to learn them before you begin your career often results in delayed advancement, lost opportunities, or even getting fired. Fortunately, you can avoid these rookie mistakes if you study, learn, and follow these workplace practices sooner rather than later.

Part II-Workplace Practices (PDF)


Workshop #3: Workplace Practices (PDF)

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