Workplace Presence

Getting a job or promotion depends on making a good impression on the person who will make the decision to hire or advance you. Workplace presence is your professional “like-ability.” Do people find you interesting, talkative, attentive, funny, warm, nice, thoughtful, well groomed, appropriately dressed, etc.? If they do, they’ll begin to like you more than if you were not these things. When this begins to happen you’re on your way to convincing them that they want to work with you. Learn how to show a potential employer your workplace presence or like-ability as the first step in convincing them to hire you. Remember, when the door closes on the interview room, it’s just you with the job interviewer. The power of your workplace presence is a very important factor in getting the job you want.

Part II-Workplace Presence (PDF)


Workshop #2: Workplace Presence (PDF)

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