New “Make It Work” Employment Empowerment Video Series

The World Institute of Disability is excited to round out the last quarter of 2019 with the premiere of our “Make It Work” Employment Empowerment video series! The videos each introduce a different chapter of the “Make It Work” content, as part of the Employment Empowerment section of our WID E3 initiative. Each animated video is captioned and audio described for accessibility.

WID’s evidence-based skills development curriculum – first created at the University of California, Berkeley and replicated at other colleges and for other youth with disabilities – is a package of instructional topics on fundamental skills development in both employment ambition and workplace competitive skills that addresses the negativity people with disabilities have encountered around building their employment expectations and ambitions.

In celebration of October’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2019 (NDEAM), WID released a new video each Wednesday of October, and will continue releasing new videos in the series each Wednesday in November.

To watch the live premiere of new Make It Work videos, visit our Facebook or Youtube page at noon Pacific on Wednesdays, links below:

WID Facebook page

WID Youtube Page

To catch up on videos that have been released, check the “Make It Work” playlists on either of those pages, or click on each video below to watch without leaving this page.

Make It Work: Introduction

Are you ready to Make It Work? Join our Worker Bee for a series of videos & accompanying lesson plans addressing some of the difficulties of employment for people with disabilities, and strategies for success! Our first video is an introduction to the current state of employment rates for people with disabilities, and how Make It Work helps prepare people with disabilities for competitive employment.

Make It Work: Chapter 1 – “The Disability Factor”

Chapter 1 addresses stereotypes about people with disabilities at work, & how to communicate about your disability.

Make It Work: Chapter 2 – “Workplace Presence: Marketing Yourself”

Chapter 2 addresses the qualities that employers look for when hiring a new employee, and how to show that you have the personality for the job.

Make It Work: Chapter 3 – “Workplace Practices: Rules of the Road”

Chapter 3 addresses how to navigate the workplace and avoid common workplace pitfalls.

Make It Work: Chapter 4 – “Job Specific Skills”

Chapter 4 addresses how to communicate your skills to your employer.

Make It Work: Chapter 5 – “Workplace Patterns: Individual & Group Differences”

Chapter 5 discusses the types of diversity that individuals bring to the workplace.

Make it Work: Chapter 6 – “Workplace Job Searching Skills: Finding & Winning the Job”

Chapter 6 will premiere on Wednesday, November 13th.

Make it Work: Chapter 7 – “Workplace Pathways”

Chapter 7 will premiere on Wednesday, November 20th.

Make it Work: Chapter 8 – “Workplace Planning”

Chapter 8 will premiere on Wednesday, November 27th.

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