From Marcie’s Desk: Strategic Planning

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Now in Week 6 of WID’s strategic planning and alignment process, our Staff and Board have done some amazing work that we cannot wait to share with you! For now, here’s a look at our process.

With our new CEO, Marcie Roth and Board Chair, Kevin Foster at the helm, the WID team has taken a deep dive into mapping WID’s future. We started by taking a look all the way back to the earliest days of WID’s history. We want to be true to our past, embracing our incredible history and ensuring that it informs the way ahead, as we redouble our focus on the rights and needs of over one billion people with disabilities across the globe.

WID has led and participated in significant victories in the disability rights and independent living movements since our founding in 1983. These wins are attributed to a wide range of influences – among them, strong leadership and mentorship among people with disabilities, legislative, policy and legal wins, vast advancements in technology, the evolution of disability-led services and organizations, universities establishing disability policy, history and research programs, calls for accountability regarding privilege and intersectional oppression within the disability community, and the writings, influence, and leadership of the next generation of disability rights activists. WID is committed to redefining its strategic direction, informed by progress, but not distracted from the realities that real change has not yet touched many people with disabilities. It is not enough to talk about change, WID’s future work will be driven by action; creating, measuring, and continually improving operational pathways to achieve and maintain true global disability access, integration, equality, independence, and inclusion.

Through the strategic planning process, the entire WID team is collaborating in defining our priorities, objectives, and metrics. WID Board and Staff met in December to start the strategic planning process by discussing our organizational history,  strengths, weaknesses, needs, and opportunities. In January, the Strategic Planning team, with representatives from Board and Staff, identified 4 domains for defining WID’s work, then split into 4 corresponding working groups. The working groups established objectives, measuring potential, scoring progress using tools designed by our Board Chair, and continually updating our timeline and work plan as we establish and meet our milestones.

As we roll out our strategy in the coming months, and move from words into action, WID will continue our commitment to social and economic integration, equality, independence, and inclusion for over 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide. We are reminded that WID was established as one of the world’s first disability-led policy thinktanks, and we carry a long legacy of cutting-edge initiatives that have focused on personal assistance services, employment, benefits, leadership development, and accessibility. WID will continue to positively impact the rights, lives, and opportunities of people with disabilities alongside our allies and stakeholders through our national and global leadership, strategic initiatives, programs, and services; continually moving research and policy into action and operationalizing disability inclusion as an intersectional imperative for global social justice.


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