Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Resilience

WID has been involved in many disability inclusive disaster preparedness and response trainings over the past decade, including the following collaborations:

WID COVID-19 Response

WID joins disability rights and emergency management experts from across the country in issuing an urgent call to action for immediate strategies and solutions from the federal government and governments at every level, including local, state, tribal and territorial, to address the specific needs of persons with disabilities throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and all public health emergencies.

WID is working in collaboration with the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies, the National Council on Independent Living Emergency Preparedness Subcommittee, and other local, national, and international groups to get people with disabilities the information, care, and supports to survive this pandemic.

On May 7, 2020, WID was joined by over 200 disability rights leaders from 21 countries to discuss the needs of people with disabilities and disability-led organizations in rapid disaster response.

Please join us for a continuation of this discussion at our second session on June 4th.

Global Disability and Disaster Town Hall Meetings

Session 2: Thursday, June 4, 2020

Thursday, June 4 from 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm EDT/4:00pm-5:30pm UTC

International Sign + Captioning in English

With opening remarks from German Parodi, Co-Executive Director, Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies

This webinar will serve as a community forum for sharing and storytelling as we, the global disability community, reframe the debate on disability inclusion in disaster planning, response, recovery, and mitigation. Please sign up to speak via our speaker sign up form – we will be prioritizing voices from diverse locations, multiply-marginalized people with disabilities, disability-led organizations, and those who did not speak at our last session.

Link to register for session 2

Link to sign up to speak at session 2

Download full invitation for session 2 (Accessible PDF)

Text file (.TXT) available by email at info@wid.org

Flat PNG (click to open PDF):

Infographic. Accessible version available, follow link titled "Full invitation for Session 2 (Accessible PDF)"

For video recording and transcript from Session 1, visit our Global Disability and Disaster Town Hall page.

Click on the linked image below to visit our COVID-19 page, which includes WID’s response, calls to action, COVID-related disability rights, resources, and press mentions.

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Additional Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Resilience Projects

Paralysis & Disaster Readiness Educational Resources

WID received a grant from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to create disability-specific disaster readiness educational materials. Visit our Paralysis, Disability and Disaster Readiness page to find videos, pamphlets, policy papers, and more!

For more educational resources, please visit our Resources for People with Disabilities in Emergencies and Disasters page

American Red Cross

Together with the American Red Cross (ARC), WID launchedAmerican Red Cross Logo an innovative national training, awareness, and action program to help ARC staff and volunteers better serve people with disabilities during disasters.

WID’s Deputy Director, Thomas Foley, a member of the American Red Cross
National Diversity Advisory Council, works to improve emergency preparedness and disaster response by ARC staff and volunteers for people with
disabilities; facilitates collaboration between the ARC and local
community-based disability organizations; and increases understanding of the needs of people with disabilities in disaster situations.

FAST Trainings

WID’s Deputy Director, Thomas Foley also works with the California Department of Social Services as a trainer on their Functional Assessment Service Team (FAST) program to better support people with access and functional needs during a mass care and shelter incident.

Return to the Disability Inclusive Disaster & Climate Resilience page:

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For more information, contact Thomas Foley, WID’s Managing Director, at tom@wid.org.

If you are having technical issues or accessibility issues on this site, email wid@wid.org.

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