WID Financial Llama: How To Get Free Weekly Credit Reports

>> WID Financial Llama.

How to get free weekly credit reports.

The WID Financial Llama is on screen broadcasting from his elegant living room.

>> Hello, friends, and welcome to another episode of me, the WID Financial Llama.

Today we’re going to show you how, through April of 2021, you can get free credit reports weekly from the three big credit reporting agencies.

>> Close up view of a beautiful Golden Retriever sitting next to the Llama’s desk.

>> Wait, did you say “free weekly credit reports”?

>> Cut back to the Llama.

>> Yes.

Free, isn’t that terrific?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic free credit reports from the three agencies are being offered through April of 2021.

At this link.

>> Link: annualcreditreport.com.

Cut back to the dog.

>> But, all right, how complicated is it?

>>  Cut back to the Llama.

>> You know, not complicated at all.

There are just three steps.

So you click on that link, and you fill out a form, because we know all good things start with filling out forms.

You fill out the form to receive one, two or three reports from each of the credit reporting agencies.

You can request your reports from Transunion, Equifax and Experian.

You can request and review your reports online as well.

Before you get your credit reports you’ll answer a few more questions.

You might even need some of your financial records to answer them.

They want to make sure that no one but you gets your credit information.

>> Cut back to the dog.

>> So did you get your free credit report, Llama?

>> Cut back to the Llama.

>> Well, no.

I mean eventually, yes, but I sort of forgot some of my information when I was online.

And so I had to do it through the mail.

That’s why everyone should really be sure that they have all their information at their disposal.

Perhaps your last mortgage payment.

The company that loaned you money to buy a car.

The credit card you used most recently.

Things like that.

So everyone, review those reports and when we come back next week we’re going to talk about a tool to help you read your credit report.

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