WID Financial Llama: How to Review Your Credit Report

>> WID Financial Llama.

How to review your credit report.

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>> Hello, welcome to another episode of me, the WID Financial Llama.

Last time we got together we showed you how to get free credit reports from annualcreditreport.com.

So today let’s talk about reviewing those reports.

I want to show you this great tool from our dear friends over at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

This link will bring you to a tool that helps you understand and review your credit report.

>> CFPB Your Money, Your Goals Review Credit Report Tool.


>> You might be surprised to know that lots of credit reports have lots of errors.

Be sure to check each of your credit reports against this CFPB check list.

Make sure all the information is correct.

Did you know, for example, that I looked at my report report and there was information on there from someone else named llama.

You know how I know it was different?

There was only one “L.”

Also make sure that everything on the report is accurate.

Your information including your name, your address, any other contact information, public records so that would be bankruptcies or liens, collection agency info, credit information, make sure all the accounts are yours.

We worked with someone not long ago who found on their credit report their ex-wife’s bankruptcy from five years after they got divorced.

Certainly that shouldn’t have been on his report.

Make sure you recognize all the inquiries, write down any questions you have about anything on the report and most importantly write down anything that you know is incorrect and that you want to dispute.

So, how do you fix your credit report?

Join us in our next video and we’ll show you how.

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