WID Financial Llama: Fifth Factor In Your Credit 
Score And Tying It All Together

>> WID Financial Llama: Fifth Factor In Your Credit 

Score And Tying It All Together

The WID Financial Llama is on screen broadcasting from his elegant living room. Hello friends and welcome to another episode of me the WID Financial Llama.

Today we’re going to talk about the fifth and last element of your credit score and then we’re going to do a bit of review.

>> The last element is the types of credit that you have access to through your open accounts. So do you have credit cards, mortgages, car loans. Things like that. If you don’t have all 

of those don’t worry about it it’s not worth going out and buying a car to make sure you have a car loan on your report.

But these are some of the different types of credit that agencies look at when they’re putting together your credit score. If you have one or two, you’re just 

fine. So in summary a couple of things to think about as you go forward keep credit card balances below 15 or 25 percent to make sure your credit utilization rate is in the best place it can be for your credit score.

>> Pay your accounts on time and if you have to be late be no later than 30 days.

Don’t open lots of counts all at once or even within 12 months of each other. If you’re going to make a big purchase, check your credit report six months in advance so you can iron out any issues and correct the things you need to have corrected.

>> And remember if you have a bad credit score or flaws in your credit history, don’t worry just make the corrections and those things will age right off your account in time.

The llama holds a Bop-It Extreme toy in his arms. The toy has five inputs including a pressable button,a pull handle a twisting crank a spinnable wheel and a flickable switch.

>> If this seems like a lot well sometimes it is it’s kind of like playing Bop-It and trying to keep track of five things at once.  

The llama plays Bop-It Extreme attempting to press buttons using his mouth. Each button or action has a different credit tip instead of the game’s usual

>> Utilize it. Pay on time. Slow down. Keep old accounts. Plan ahead. 

But you know if you look at our videos and you follow the suggestions, we think you’ll reach a whole new high score

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