Accessibility Solutions Overview

Voiceover: If you’re a company that is looking to be accessible to people with disabilities, WID is the partner you have been looking for. 

Voiceover: An Overview of Accessibility Solutions Consulting with Kat Zigmont.

Voiceover: Kat Zigmont, a white woman with medium brown hair, black eyeglasses and a blue floral blouse stands in her home office

Kat: I’m Kat Zigmont, WID’s Director of Operations and Deputy Director. I oversee WID’s Universal Design and Accessibility Solutions Consulting Domain.

Voiceover: An Asian woman and Black woman speak with a Brown man who is sitting in a wheelchair.

Kat: We provide customized services to companies to operationalize their commitment to inclusion by examining and recommending accessibility and disability inclusion strategies, policies, and practices for their internal and external processes.
Our user testing, training, and technical assistance services help clients to embed universal design principles and accessibility solutions throughout all aspects of their company.

Voiceover: WID employees gather in a conference room.

Kat: WID also works with our clients to help create inclusive marketing directed at customers and candidates with disabilities and provides guidance around messaging and imagery.

To increase employment opportunities and inclusion, WID collaborates with organizations to increase their disability inclusion work practices. WIDs’ clients have implemented disability employee resource groups, accommodation policies, and audited company-wide systems to be more accessible.

WID also conducts market research via focus groups and surveys to provide constructive conversations and data that offers companies an inside view of the participants’ experiences and expectations as customers and employees with disabilities.

Finally, WID provides training and technical assistance on a variety of topics, such as emergency preparedness, evacuation and disaster recovery for your buildings, workforce  and customers, guidance on humanitarian giving that document accessibility and remediation, remote workplace accommodations, disability-specific marketing strategies, and accessibility topics generally.

Voiceover: Kat stands looking at her computer screen, types on her keyboard then hangs up her phone.

Kat: Many companies are missing out on the opportunity to effectively employ, market to, and serve people with disabilities.

1.3 billion people across the globe have a disability, encompassing every race, ethnicity, gender, age and sexual orientation. 
Unlike other marginalized groups, most people will join the disability community at some point in their lives, making it the largest and most diverse minority, accounting for $1.9 trillion in disposable income globally each year.  
Companies working with us want to be sure they are optimizing their client base and recognize that the disability market is an untapped opportunity for new and recurring revenue.

Over the years, we have assisted companies that work with us to understand the needs of this available market to a greater extent and really change the way that they expand their online presence, apps, and physical spaces.

Often, when companies demonstrate active efforts to include disability as part of their diversity and inclusion efforts, it enhances their image. It shows they are addressing an underserved population with both high need and high potential, and it positively leverages the goodwill of friends and family of people with disabilities.

Voiceover: Kat sits in a conference room with her WID coworkers, holding a dog

Kat: Investments in accessibility and inclusion are not only the right thing to do, they are imperatives for optimizing the success of your business.

If you’re a company that is looking to be accessible to people with disabilities, WID is the partner you have been looking for. 

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