An Overview of Surveys and Focus Groups

> Kat: WID conducts market research via focus groups and surveys of a broad array of people with disabilities. These tools provide companies with insightful and constructive conversations and data that offers them an inside view of people with disabilities’ experiences and expectations.

> These can be a great option for companies who want direct input from a specifically targeted demographic audience.

> Surveys can serve as short-term or long-term solutions for gathering feedback, collecting quotes or stories, and gauging progress. WID will assist you in reaching  multiple disability segments and we will work closely with you to construct surveys that are clear and unbiased to capture specific and authentic customer input.

> Focus groups are a great way to gather experience-based data about your new or existing services and products, allowing your company to tackle complicated issues or service-flows, identify pain points, and examine or compare possible solutions. Leading focus group discussions, either pan-disability or disability-specific often sparks innovation and creativity that addresses the focus. 

> If you’re a company looking to conduct surveys and/or focus groups targeted at the disability market, contact me today at

> In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we will be continuing the conversation about digital accessibility. Join us on Thursday, May 20 at 4PM Eastern Time, 1PM Pacific, 8PM Coordinated Universal Time. You don’t want to miss it!

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