An Overview of User Experience Testing

> Kat: People with disabilities present a substantial market opportunity for companies and organizations. Companies that plan for people with disabilities utilizing universal design and digital accessibility significantly broaden their customer base and potential market share. When this focus becomes part of their business and people strategy, it builds their brand, image, customer loyalty, and reduces litigation risk.

> WID is your global expert on user experience testing. Our team will share our extensive registry of user testers with a very broad range of disabilities to help you understand how your physical spaces, products, equipment, websites, apps, and services can reach a much larger customer base, and expanded qualified workforce. Our global database of disabled testers participate both virtually and in-person using a variety of assistive technologies. We provide extensive feedback to assist you in creating a more welcoming and inclusive experience, by reducing access barriers both in physical and digital spaces.

> When you meet the needs of people with disabilities, often the people without disabilities benefit as well. A simple example, using the built environment is the addition of curb cuts. We all know curb cuts were created to benefit people who use wheelchairs. However, parents with strollers, people with rolling luggage, delivery people with dollies and bicyclists are also positively impacted. Usability by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design, also called universal design. This concept also extends to online spaces and software, and can be thought of as creating electronic curb cuts.

> Our Accessibility and Universal Design Solutions consulting arm helps organizations embed universal design principles and accessible solutions throughout their enterprise.

> If your company is ready to conduct user testing with us, or interested in learning more, you can contact me today at

> In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we will be continuing the conversation about digital accessibility. Join us on Thursday, May 20 at 4PM Eastern Time, 1PM Pacfic, 8PM Coordinated Universal Time. You don’t want to miss it!

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  1. Todd Holloway

    The World Institute on Disability ROCKS! As Kat mentioned, people with disabilities are experts at finding the answers to living in a World without barriers. Let’s exercise our will!

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