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Campaign web access aims to increase the level of accessibility on the web, with its current focus being on social media accessibility. We are encouraging anyone who uses social media to take the pledge below to make their social media more accessible to and inclusive of people with disabilities by working on improving five research-backed pain points that people with disabilities frequently encounter on the web.


While WID focuses on increasing employment, economic security, and healthcare for people with disabilities, one of our chief missions in communities and nations worldwide is to eliminate barriers to full social integration. Like many other forms of technology, social media has taken off in recent years. We are excited about the advancements in tech, as many of them have largely enhanced the quality of life for persons with disabilities; however, with such rapid advancement in the tech arena, sometimes access and inclusion can get left behind; for this reason, we are excited to launch this social media accessibility campaign with the aims of keeping up with what’s new and making sure that everyone has a chance at equal access.


  1. Take the pledge to make your social media more accessible and inclusive this year by visiting our pledge page.
  2. Receive an e-badge of honor that you can share on your social media platforms to let your friends know that you support equal access.
  3. Start using our research-backed disability accessibility tips (you’ll receive these via email after you take the pledge).
  4. If you can, donate to the campaign! Donations keep WID’s doors open and the fight for disability access and inclusion moving forward.

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Bonus: For businesses looking to have their product or service tested for accessibility, WID regularly conducts extensive research on products and services. If you are interested in consulting us on your website, app, customer service process, or something else, please contact Kat Zigmont, WID’s Senior Director of Operations and Deputy Director, at

For more information about user testing consultation services, please, visit our User Testing Consulting page.

If you’re interested in becoming a user tester, we encourage you to read more about the user tester recruitment process and fill out our tester intake questionnaire.

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