Accessibility Solutions

Our accessible technology consulting and user testing practices have served both small start up and Fortune 500 companies in the telecommunications, financial, and information development and technology arenas. With an experienced eye for accessible web access and mobile application access, WID is confident that our services will give any company a fresh perspective and will inspire unique paths to greater accessibility.

Why consult and conduct user testing with WID?

  • Located at the Ed Roberts Campus, which is world-acclaimed for its universal design and well-known as a gathering place for the disability community, we provide a disability-friendly location so that participants feel comfortable.
  • We can provide both onetime user testing and or long term testing protocol, customized to each company’s needs.
  • We can provide user testers with a range of different disabilities including visual, hearing, physical, and cognitive disabilities across all technical skill levels.
  • This large network of people with disabilities allows us to select participants with different technical skill levels and abilities, based on each company’s specific target audience.
  • After each evaluation, we provide a straightforward report that highlights the main accessibility barriers and presents possible solutions both from our team and, when applicable, the participants themselves.
  • Note: At this time, we do not offer compliance monitoring/audits or website accessibility evaluations.
  • References available upon request.

What our clients are saying:

  • “The user testing exceeded our expectations. We learned a lot about accessibility and how screen readers navigate websites, and the WID staff was great to work with.”
  • “As part of rolling out our new website, WID’s user testing really helped highlight some security access issues we wouldn’t have found on our own.”
  • “Kudos for finding us such great testers on such short notice. Thanks!”
  • “As part of a long term user test,  I appreciate the details provided in the report. It provided takeaways and items to look at for future product development.”

WID has particular expertise in the following areas: user testing, surveys, focus group research, and conference accessibility. Click the image links below to learn more about each:

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