Ashley Inkumsah

Ashley Inkumsah
Marketing and Communications Specialist
(She/her pronouns)
Headshot of Ashley Inkumsah, a Black woman with long blonde hair

Ashley is the Marketing & Communications Specialist at WID. Ashley manages WID’s social media, produces video content and develops marketing content such as organizational email, digital campaigns and events. She also writes, proofreads and edits content across programs. She serves as the host and producer of our What's Up WID podcast.

Ashley received her B.A. in English and Journalism from the University at Buffalo (UB).  She has written a wealth of articles focusing on social justice and interviewed many political figures including the 82nd United States Attorney General Eric Holder.

Storyteller and content creator committed to providing disenfranchised individuals with a platform to move the needle forward in social justice

Ashley's professional career has focused on advocating for marginalized individuals through storytelling, service and digital content creation. Prior to WID, she worked for various organizations including non-profits, public relations firms and in real estate development.

Outside of WID, Ashley is an avid vegetarian who loves eating foods from different cultures. In addition to disability justice, she is deeply passionate about eradicating diet culture, misogyny and racial injustice. Some of Ashley's favorite hobbies include: forcing her cat to dance to Lionel Richie songs with her and binging Schitt's Creek episodes with her boyfriend.