Sublease Offices at the Ed Roberts Campus

Directly above the Ashby BART Station, the new Ed Roberts Campus (ERC) is a light-filled, architectural award-winning, highly accessible to people with disabilities, two-story building on bus lines and near Berkeley Bowl. The mission of the ERC is to ensure that people with disabilities can live independently and without discrimination. The work of its tenants (and subtenants) must support this vision.

Included Amenities:

  • Keycard entry
  • Building security Monday through Friday during regular work hours
  • On-site management
  • Evening security
  • Shared Internet
  • Janitorial services
  • Composting and recycling program
  • Kitchen with microwave, tea/coffee pots, refrigerator, and open cabinet
  • Basic furniture, tables, and chairs are available for use in the offices

Office address: 3075 Adeline Street, Suite 155, Berkeley, CA 94703 (Ed Roberts Campus)

Offices can be rented individually or as a suite:

Cost: $1.86/RSF (Rentable Square Feet + 20%).

20% includes amenities, an open entrance with a seating area, a kitchen, and property taxes.

  • Largest office with exterior window
    152.75 RSF ($284.12) + 20% ($56.82) = $341/month
  • Office 1 with interior window
    122.19 RSF ($227.27) + 20% ($45.45) = $273/month
  • Office 2 with interior window
    122.19 RSF ($227.27) + 20% ($45.45) = $273/month
  • Open cubical area, five cubicles, exterior window (space can be divided as needed)

Open to any combination of the available space needed.


Photos of the Office Spaces

A wide hallway that has doors to World Institutute on Disability, Tool Works, and automatic double doors to exit the building
Hallway of the Ed Roberts Campus, showing the door to WID's office
Entrance to WID office, with an automatic door that opens to several bookshelves full of resources
Inside the front door of WID's office, with a wide automatic door
Large office with windows looking out on the parking lot. The room easily fits multiple desks and a small table with two chairs. Two large interior windows bring the light from the outside into the WID office hallway.
Large secured office with interior and exterior windows
Smaller secured office with room for multiple desks. No windows to the exterior.
Small secured office #1, with interior windows to the WID office hallway
A smaller office with no exterior windows. The room easily fits two large desks and currently holds several packed carboard boxes on the desks, as well as a wheelchair in the corner
Small secured office #2, with interior windows
WID's open office space with 3 cubicles, a sitting area with a table and four chairs, and many external windows with blinds. A King Charles service dog sneaks into the shot.
WID's open cubicle space, with 3 cubicles and a sitting area. Featuring Henning, service dog to our Deputy Director Kat!
Front cubicle ner the front door of the office. Large cubicle with two desks, bookshelf, and a ledge shelf. A King Charles service dog smiles in the corner
Front cubicle, with two desks (also with a guest appearance from Henning the service dog!)
Middle cubicle with two desks and two chairs, a small bookshelf, and a full sized filing cabinet
Middle cubicle with two desks and two chairs
Back cubicle, the largest of the 3, with 2 workspaces of two desks and one chair each, seperated by a file cabinet with a large plant on top
Back cubicle, with two workspaces
WID's office kitchen, with cabinets, a microwave, coffee maker and electric tea kettle, toaster oven, full size refrigerator, and a kitchen sink with open space underneath the sink to allow a wheelchair user to use the sink comfortably
WID's kitchen, including a microwave, toaster oven, refrigerator, drip coffee maker, electric tea kettle, and a wheelchair-accessible sink.
Large mural painting on a white wall showing a crowded scene in Berkeley, including multiple disabled people
Mural painting on a wall facing the front and middle cubicles, painted by a close friend and personal attendant of Ed Roberts.

For More Information

Prospective tenants are asked to provide last year’s financial statement and proof of liability insurance. The City of Berkeley’s Living Wage Ordinance applies.

Please email for more information about subleasing space or to schedule a walk-through.

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