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New Earth Disability (NED)

New Earth Disability (NED)

WID’s groundbreaking New Earth Disability (NED) initiative aims to understand the connections between climate change and disability and address them head-on. This is an incredibly important connection: climate change is arguably the largest challenge our world has ever faced, and people with disabilities are especially vulnerable to its many effects. We use research and partnerships to identify concerns and the best responses, then educate the public and work with other stakeholders to ensure that climate adaptation recognizes our community.

Our Projects Include:

  1. Groundbreaking research
  2. Educational series: seminars, presentations and webinars (videos inside)
  3. Education materials
  4. Partnerships with government, nonprofits & foundations

We also have a regular newsletter with timely articles, events, and research. Our newsletter archive is available online. You can also subscribe to our newsletter. For more information on the newsletter or any NED efforts, please email

Learn More about Climate Change and Disability

We have started researching many of the topics connected to climate change and disability, and more research is on the way. Please, visit the following pages of our website to learn more:

We are always looking for partners in this effort – so if you would like to join our future projects, please contact Alex Ghenis at

Climate Change and Disability Videos

The following video is a PowerPoint overview of climate change, disability activism, and how the two intersect.

The next video is a presentation and workshop that lays out the reasons that climate change affects people with disabilities disproportionately and discusses ways you can help.

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