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The Georgia Project

In 2014, WID completed a 5-year project in the Republic of Georgia, funded by USAID. Working in partnership with Whirlwind Wheelchair International, the Coalition for Independent Living in Georgia, along with their regional member organizations, and the Treatment and Educational Center of Child Neurology and Neurorehabilitation, WID established a sustainable wheelchair production and repair facility and a postural support seating and cushion service; developed a mobility, self-care, and advocacy skills training system for wheelchair users; and conducted advocacy, public education, and community accessibility barrier removal activities. The majority of factory workers and advocacy team members are wheelchair users. The factory has produced and distributed more than 2,500 low-cost, high-quality Whirlwind RoughRider™ indoor-outdoor wheelchairs.

WID continues to be active in Georgia; in 2018, WID was the only international NGO invited by the International Network for Civil Development to present at the “Western Platform” forum in Tbilisi, Georgia, where Special Projects Manager Loretta Herrington presented on our international programs and practices.

For more information on the Georgia Project, please contact Special Projects Manager Loretta Herrington at loretta@wid.org


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