WID Employment and Economic Empowerment (E3)

WID E3 is an online resource to assist those serving youth and adults with disabilities and their supporters with information, strategies, and techniques that will help to increase the potential of youth and adults with disabilities for work and economic participation. WID E3 addresses the often overlooked roadblocks to full inclusion and equity.

The facts:

  1. After years of disability employment nondiscrimination laws and many other disability employment programs supports, the overall labor force participation rate for people with disabilities has changed little in 47 years.
  2. The truest measure of equity and inclusion for people with disabilities is employment and economic self-sufficiency.

Too often the employment ambitions of people with disabilities are either too low or nonexistent. Too often the disability life experience of people with disabilities (definitions, labels, messaging, benefits, etc.) is negative when it comes to expectations around working and economic self-sufficiency.

WID E3 focuses on offering strategies and options to improve programming and outcomes. WID E3’s goal is to help generate self-confident and well-prepared job seekers with disabilities—job seekers who are more likely to become success stories than before taking advantage of the WID E3 options.

WID E3 resources focus on 5 key subjects and strategies:

  1. Disability and Employment Empowerment: content for improved competitive job-seeking skills and for improved economic self-sufficiency and employment outcomes
  2. Benefits & Work Incentives (including DB101): content to guide individuals on disability benefits on how to better navigate the system for improved outcomes
  3. Economic Inclusion: strategies, including improved asset development, financial planning and other economic strategies designed to assist people with disabilities with their financial planning
  4. CareerACCESS Initiative: both a policy and program plan, promoting change to the federal government benefits program and providing tools targeting specific state and local programs to increase employment outcomes
  5. ABLE 101: information about Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Accounts, a way for people with disabilities to more efficiently save for their future

WID E3 resources and content listed above are principally designed to be web-based. However, technical assistance and training services is available from WID to augment and back up these materials.

A past initiative of WID E3 is Add Us In (AUI).

If you are having technical issues or accessibility issues on this site, email wid@wid.org.

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