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WID creates digital systems and tools that make systems accessible for people with disabilities, including employment, independent living, emergency planning, voting, and economic empowerment, in the US and internationally. We believe in a holistic approach to human services, and value community inclusion and social justice for people with disabilities. The ultimate goal of our digital systems and tools is to bridge the gaps among research, policy, and practice.

WID supports clients in the building and utilization of digital systems and tools that drive and respond to policies that direct system change. From research & identifying problems faced by the community, to creating efficient systems that address those issues, to training & supporting organizations in adopting these systems, WID has the capacity to lead and support at each step,

Are you looking to build disability inclusive systems, or accessible tools to navigate pre-existing systems? Contact WID’s Director of Digital Systems & Tools, Nicholas Love at to see how WID can be a part of your solution. 

For examples of our tools, which also serve as resources relevant to both individual disabled people and the organizations and systems who serve them, please follow the image links below.

Link to Access to Assets page.Link to Employments + Benefits page.Link to Housing Benefits page.

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