CareerACCESS Initiative

WID E3 hosts the CareerACCESS Initiative, which focuses on specific policy and programming elements designed to facilitate the transition of people with disabilities from SSA benefits to competitive employment and economic independence. The purpose of SSI CareerACCESS model is to impact the dramatic unemployment rates and poverty of youth with disabilities on Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

The core program techniques being offered under this SSI CareerACCESS model are derived from WID’s E3 resources, which can be used with other non-working people with disabilities, including those on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), students transitioning from school to work, and clients or customers of state and community rehabilitation programs.

Additionally, the core program techniques include creating a cadre of CareerACCESS Coaches who utilize a specifically designed CareerACCESS Individualized Career Plan (ICP) and emphasizing better appreciation and understanding around employment potential, competitive job seeking, and job-keeping skills, benefits planning, financial skills, and more.

Key Program Elements

The CareerACCESS model offers 4 major policy and programming components:

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Visit the CareerACCESS website to learn more!

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