Economic Empowerment

WID E3 offers specific economic empowerment strategies, subject matter expertise, and technical assistance to improve the financial outcomes for people with disabilities. According to behavioral finance research, knowledge of basic financial information has the power to significantly reduce wealth inequality in the United States, particularly in traditionally underserved communities.

WID E3 has developed and curated a comprehensive group of resources to better meet the specific needs of the disability community. From budgeting, dealing with credit card debt, and taking advantage of refinancing opportunities to optimizing Social Security benefits, avoiding predatory lenders and financial scams, and planning for retirement, WID E3 has the resources to help change people’s lives.

WID is privileged to have assisted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in developing their “Focus on People with Disabilities, Your Money, Your Goals” Empowerment Toolkit. WID is also honored to be working with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to ensure their “Money Smart” curriculum is inclusive of and relevant to people with disabilities.


EQUITY: Asset Building Strategies for People with Disabilities, A Guide to Financial Empowerment covers all topics that are important to people with disabilities in their quest for improved finances and asset building. WID offers financial education trainings and technical assistance for families, individuals and professionals based on WIOA requirements and EQUITY: Asset-Building Strategies for People with Disabilities. Click on the chapters below to begin exploring EQUITY.

Foreword & Preface
Chapter 1: Benefits
Chapter 2: Budgeting
Chapter 3: Paying Down Debt
Chapter 4: Credit
Chapter 5: Identity Theft
Chapter 6: Home Ownership
Chapter 7: Self-Employment
Chapter 8: Retirement

Or enjoy the entirety of EQUITY: Asset Building Strategies for People with Disabilities (PDF).

ABLE 101

WID also offers information and training to aid in understanding ABLE (“Achieving a Better Life Experience”) accounts. ABLE accounts are groundbreaking resources for certain people with disabilities to save money and invest for their future. These specialized savings accounts do not count as “assets” that the government uses to determine whether somebody is eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, or other federal benefits. This means that account holders can save money and still receive vital benefits to protect their health and well-being.

ABLE Part 1: Intro to ABLE Accounts (PDF)
ABLE Part 2: Eligibility (PDF)
ABLE Part 3: Savings and Benefits (PDF)
ABLE Part 4: Choosing a Program (PDF)
ABLE Part 5: Myths and Opportunities (PDF)

To learn more about WID’s economic empowerment resources and training, including EQUITY and ABLE 101, contact WID’s Managing Director, Thomas Foley, at

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