Access to Assets

WID’s Access to Assets program is the first disability program to focus on issues of asset building and financial education within the disability community. Since 2003, Access to assets has provided policy recommendations, messaging strategies and technical assistance to help governmental organizations, financial institutions and nonprofits better reach and include the disability community in their financial empowerment efforts. WID is privileged to have assisted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in developing their “Focus on People with Disabilities, Your Money, Your Goals” Empowerment Toolkit. WID is also honored to be working with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to ensure their “Money Smart” curriculum is inclusive of and relevant to people with disabilities.


EQUITY: Asset Building Strategies for People with Disabilities, A Guide to Financial Empowerment was the first financial education book written by and for people with disabilities. Designed to be clear and engaging for all ages, EQUITY digital materials and tools provide a comprehensive roadmap to financial education requirements mandated by the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act. Topics include work incentives, budgeting, paying down debt, credit, savings, home-ownership and Starting a small business. EQUITY materials include fully accessible worksheets, mini calculators and templates to address issues involving debt, credit and identity theft. WID offers technical assistance and training to help partners integrate these digital tools and materials into the work flow, touch points  and DNA of their organizational offerings.

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Foreword & Preface
Chapter 1: Benefits
Chapter 2: Budgeting
Chapter 3: Paying Down Debt
Chapter 4: Credit
Chapter 5: Identity Theft
Chapter 6: Home Ownership
Chapter 7: Self-Employment
Chapter 8: Retirement

Or enjoy the entirety of EQUITY: Asset Building Strategies for People with Disabilities (PDF).

ABLE 101

WID also offers information and training to aid in understanding ABLE (“Achieving a Better Life Experience”) accounts. ABLE accounts are groundbreaking resources for certain people with disabilities to save money and invest for their future. These specialized savings accounts do not count as “assets” that the government uses to determine whether somebody is eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, or other federal benefits. This means that account holders can save money and still receive vital benefits to protect their health and well-being.

ABLE Part 1: Intro to ABLE Accounts (PDF)
ABLE Part 2: Eligibility (PDF)
ABLE Part 3: Savings and Benefits (PDF)
ABLE Part 4: Choosing a Program (PDF)
ABLE Part 5: Myths and Opportunities (PDF)

To learn more about WID’s Access to Assets resources and training, including EQUITY and ABLE 101, contact WID’s Director of Digital Systems & Tools, Nicholas Love, at

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