Building Excellence in Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs) Worldwide

This course has been designed and adapted to use by individuals around the world engaged in forming and operating Disabled Persons Organizations (DPO) in accordance with non-profit organization standards, regulations and practices.

Disabled persons’ organizations or DPOs, as defined by the Disability Rights Fund, are “representative organizations or groups of persons with disabilities (PWDs), where PWDs constitute a majority of the overall staff, board, and volunteers in all levels of the organization. It includes organizations of relatives of PWDs (only those representing children with disabilities, people with intellectual disabilities, and/or the Deafblind) where a primary aim of these organizations is empowerment and the growth of self-advocacy of persons with disabilities. DPOs have an understanding of disability in accordance with the social model.”

Although this course has been developed with North American culture in mind due to the background and experience of the presenters, we do appreciate that in other parts of the world the nature of the nonprofit sector, nonprofit organizations, nonprofit leadership and governance may not be the same. Nevertheless, it is our hope that much of the course content will still be of value globally.

DPO Curriculum modules are linked below:

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