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Digital Divide Persists: Californians with Disabilities Are Much Less Likely to Have High-Speed Internet at Home

San Francisco and Berkeley, CA – December 8, 2014 – The California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) and the World Institute on Disability (WID) today released a new survey of Californians with disabilities that reveals the steep challenges they face obtaining affordable high-speed Internet at home. The survey, funded by CETF, offers strong evidence of the need for public policy solutions to close the Digital Divide among all people with disabilities.

Vets101 Now Provides Vets with Direct Access to Experts

Honoring Veterans Day this year, the World Institute on Disability (WID) proudly joins with United Spinal Association’s VetsFirst program to give veterans direct, personalized support, through a pilot project that connects users of the Vets101 site with the experts at Ask VetsFirst.

Proposed Section 511 of Rehabilitation Act - arguments for and against

Section 511 is an amendment currently being considered by Congress during the 2013 reauthorization of the Rehabilitation Act.

Labor Day is no time to celebrate for people with disabilities

As a society we need to embrace the view that people with disabilities can be full partners in our nation’s economic growth.

WID News and Announcements

WID Welcomes New Board Members

Berkeley, CA, USA—The World Institute on Disability (WID) welcomes four new members to the Board of Directors. The new members represent the next generation of leaders in disability advocacy and rights. The depth and breadth of their expertise include a national and international perspective.


October 10, 2014 – The World Institute on Disability (WID), a Berkeley-based international disability rights policy and field practice organization, paid tribute to the 48 million people with hearing loss in the U. S. by honoring the Hearing Loss Association of America and Ms. Nanci Linke Ellis as recipients of WID’s 2014 Disability Leadership Award at the annual Ever Widening Circle reception held on Thursday, Oct. 9 at the award-winning Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, CA.

Annual ODEP Add Us In Grantee Meeting

WID hosted the annual Office of Disability Employment Policy's (ODEP) Add Us In (AUI) grant meeting on September 11th and 12th at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkley, CA.

Disability and Development – A Ugandan Perspective

On September 4, 2014 WID’s Mandela Washington YALI Fellow, Robert Nkwangu, gave a presentation including an overview of Uganda as a country, the disability movement in Uganda, their achievements, challenges and Roberts future prospects in country.

Program Highlights

Access to Assets

Access to Assets (ATA) provides training and technical assistance to asset building and disability organizations seeking to improve the inclusion of people with disabilities in asset building programs; information and referral services to individuals with disabilities; and conducts federal and state policy analysis on related issues. ATA publishes EQUITY, the only asset building newsletter specifically for people with disabilities. ATA also provides a list of upcoming conferences on a wide range of disability related topics.
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Employment and Disability Benefits Initiative

The Employment and Disability Benefits Initiative (EDBI) provides information on health coverage, work, and benefits to youth and adults with disabilities. Through Disability Benefits Information Services, EDBI provides community outreach, training and web-based services, including one-on-one technical assistance at its website,, in six states (Arizona, California, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and New Jersey). The site offers easy to understand, practical information on public and private benefits, employment services, and other programs, as well as interactive benefits calculators. EDBI recently launched the Veterans Benefits Online Tools Project to support disabled veterans' transition back to employment and civilian life and also develops community based public policy recommendations.
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Health Access and Long Term Services

The Health Access and Long-term Services program (HALTS) addresses health care disparities for people with disabilities by working to improve access to quality care and reducing incidence of abuse of people with disabilities, a significant barrier to independent living and full integration into the community. HALTS recently produced MAP to Health Access, a comprehensive training curriculum using high-motivation learning tools and downloadable, web-based materials for women with disabilities to learn about their right to accessible, quality health care as required by federal law; trains doctors and medical practitioners to provide culturally competent health care and accessible services and equipment using Access to Medical Care: Adults with Physical Disabilities, a video and training curriculum for health care providers addresses key issues that influence the quality of care in outpatient clinical settings; and recently produced the Curriculum on Abuse Prevention and Empowerment (CAPE), a comprehensive, multi-media training curriculum in English and Spanish to educate people with disabilities, services providers, and family members about abuse awareness and prevention strategies, and published and Sticks and Stones, a collection of fifty stories about facing abuse and violence, told by a diverse group of people with disabilities, as well as family members, services providers, and other allies, covering a wide range of mistreatment and recovery experiences.
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International Program

WID's International Program provides training and technical assistance to disabled persons organizations (DPOs) in developing countries to conduct effective disability advocacy, community barrier removal and public education campaigns; develops programs and national policies; and creates networks and national coalitions to promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities into all aspects of society. WID is currently funded by USAID to set up a sustainable wheelchair production and repair facility; a postural support seating and cushion service; a mobility, self-care, and advocacy skills training system for men and women who use wheelchairs; and conduct advocacy, public education, and community accessibility barrier removal activities in the Republic of Georgia. WID is also part of the U.S. Department of State’s 3-year Justice and Dignity in the Middle East- North Africa (MENA) Region, a consortium of innovative, rights-based NGOs to conduct rapid response projects with marginalized populations in the MENA region. The first country targeted for technical assistance was Morocco, and WID has been providing training and technical assistance to build the capacity of the Regional Union for Persons with Disabilities, located in Marrakech and also serving the Atlas Region.
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Proyecto Visión

Proyecto Visión provides information services to youth and young adults with disabilities from traditionally underserved populations, ages 16 – 35, so they may successfully transition from school to higher education and attain sustainable independent living and employment outcomes. Using popular Internet sites including Facebook and YouTube to reach our target population, the program hosts a website,, featuring news, resources and opportunities for scholarships/internships/jobs; an electronic newsletter that highlights success stories about youth and young adults with disabilities who found employment; and produces Success Story video clips that are posted on YouTube. As part of the program's leadership development initiative, Proyecto Visión also hires young writers with disabilities to contribute articles and stories as part of its Emerging Writers Program and provides paid internships to University of California, Berkeley students with disabilities as part of the New Leaders Intern Program.
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