Türkiye and Syria Response and Updates

The latest developments and updates on The Global Alliance for Disaster Resource Acceleration’s (GADRA) support efforts to disabled persons organizations in Türkiye and Syria in the aftermath of the earthquake

Updates on the Türkiye and Syria Response

Donate to Support Disabled Persons Organizations

Join GADRA in assisting disabled persons organizations in Türkiye and Syria who urgently need our support today.

As traditional disaster relief begins, experience has shown that it rarely reaches local disabled persons organizations. GADRA exists to fill this gap for DPOs. These organizations are not looking for charity, they are looking for support to respond to their community now.

By supporting disability-led organizations in the impacted region, GADRA expedites disability resources that are not provided by other humanitarian aid supply chains.

GADRA has activated its Emergency Operations Center and begun connecting with Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs) in the impacted areas in both countries. Following our protocol, we have begun to facilitate humanitarian resources directly to these disabled persons organizations to meet the urgent needs of their community. We are also working directly with a Turkish aid organization on the ground in an effort to meet the immediate needs of the disabled-persons organizations reaching out to GADRA.

Additional DPO’ who need assistance are encouraged to submit their information to GADRA through the Emergency Operations Center by clicking the button below or visiting our Emergency Operations Center and clicking ‘Disaster Assistance’ for the fastest connection to support their earthquake needs.