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What We Do

We provide training, technical assistance, and online tools to help people with disabilities and those who support them make decisions about their employment, benefits, housing, and inclusive living goals.

WID addresses and influences systems, policies, and tools to remove barriers, so people with disabilities are fully included in all aspects of life. The programs listed below currently focus on U.S. federal, state, and local systems and agencies.

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Inclusive Employment Tools and Technical Assistance

We believe in a whole community approach, moving people with disabilities out of poverty and fully including them in the community. Competitive integrated employment is key to making that happen.

WID offers resources on disability benefits and financial health and makes disability-specific recommendations for federal and state directives. Our comprehensive tools, curricula, and services help people with disabilities to advocate for themselves, make confident choices,  explore jobs, earn and save money, and fully take part in community life.

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Disability Benefits 101 (DB101)

DB101 is a comprehensive, state-specific online resource that allows people with disabilities and the people who support them to make decisions about employment.

DB101 allows providers to accurately, confidently, and effortlessly give individualized information about benefits planning, employment services, and additional support resources available on easy-to-use websites.

This innovative platform provides tools and information on:

Health Coverage

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Whom does DB101 serve?

Many different users, including:

Which states have DB101?

DB101 is currently offered in eleven U.S. states – Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, and Ohio.


Visit DB101 to see how we share state-specific information within this platform

Housing Benefits 101 (HB101)

Housing is more than where you live, it’s also how you live. HB101 is a state-specific online platform where people with disabilities and those who support them can find important information, resources, and tools to help achieve their housing and daily living goals, and make full community inclusion possible.

Like DB101, HB101 serves many different users, including people with disabilities, their families, their communities, and service providers.

HB101 sites are customized to each state with the content and tools to meet the state’s budget, needs, and housing culture. Use the quick and easy activities to make a housing plan that works.

Comprehensive information in plain language makes it easy to understand how to find the home and services that work for you.

Visit HB101 to see how we help more people access housing.

Why partner with WID?

Our technical assistance and training is rooted in experience and evidence-based practices. Our team has the resources, tools, and knowledge to provide the framework, curriculum, and consultation to meet national and state-specific competitive integrated employment and transition priorities.

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