Community Inclusion Services

Greater inclusion benefits everyone

What We Do

We provide training, technical assistance, and online tools to help people with disabilities and their circles of support make informed decisions about their employment, benefits, housing, and inclusive living goals.

WID works to eliminate barriers to achieving the full inclusion of people with disabilities by addressing and influencing systems, policies, and tools.  Our focus for U.S. federal, state, and local systems and agencies includes the below offerings.

Inclusive Employment Tools and Technical Assistance

Our whole community approach identifies competitive integrated employment as the main means of community inclusion that is vital to moving people with disabilities out of poverty.

From disability benefits and financial health to technical assistance in federal and state directives, our comprehensive tools, curriculum, and services support self-determination, self-advocacy, job exploration, and other priorities that assist people with disabilities to become income producers, savers, and asset builders – moving out of poverty into full participation in community life.

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Disability Benefits 101 (DB101)

DB101 is a comprehensive, state-specific online digital resource that enables people with disabilities and their circles of support to make informed decisions about employment.

DB101 gives providers the ability to accurately, confidently, and effortlessly deliver individualized information about benefits planning, employment services, and additional support resources all contained within easy-to-use, intuitive online sites.

This innovative platform provides tools and information on:

Health Coverage

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Who does DB101 serve?

A diverse range of users including:

  • People with disabilities
  • Benefits counselors
  • Service providers
  • Families

Which states have DB101?

DB101 is currently offered in the U.S. in ten states with an eleventh state launching in 2022.

Visit DB101 to discover our approach to helping share a state‘s customized information within this platform.

Housing Benefits 101 (HB101)

Housing is more than where you live, it’s also how you live. HB101 is a state-specific online digital platform where people with disabilities and their circles of support can find invaluable information, resources, and tools to help achieve their housing and daily living goals and facilitate full community inclusion.

Like DB101, HB101 serves a range of users, including people with disabilities, their families, their communities, and service providers.

HB101 sites are customized to each state with the content and tools to meet the state’s budget, needs, and housing culture. Use the quick and easy activities to make a housing plan that works.

Comprehensive information written in plain language makes it easy to understand how to find the home and services that work for you.

Visit HB101 to experience our approach to helping more people access housing.

Why partner with WID?

Our experience and evidence-based training and technical assistance provide you with the framework, curriculum, and consulting services to meet your competitive integrated employment and transition requirements. In the U.S., the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act supports developing career pathways for traditionally excluded populations. Our team is positioned to use our resources, tools, and knowledge to move your inclusive employment priorities forward.

Ready to learn more?

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