Ukraine Response and Updates

The latest developments and updates on The Global Alliance for Disaster Resource Acceleration’s (GADRA) support efforts to disability-led organizations in Ukraine.

Updates on the Ukraine GADRA Team

The Work and the Cost

The work of GADRA and Fight for Right continues at a fervent pace as case managers, resource personnel and a growing cadre of volunteers come together for the life, safety and wellbeing of Ukrainians with disabilities.

Fight For Right has been in touch with approximately 1500 people and has helped over 400 people to evacuate to safety and assisting others who are trapped with complex shelter-in-place needs including food, water, medication, disability assistance and family care.

Every day we see evidence of people helping people. Volunteers, agencies, and a growing network on the ground are joined by generous corporate and foundation funders, and individuals using the links and text-to-give options joining together in a global community of care in the face of horror.

Joining in support of Fight for Right and GADRA, funders and donors have raised over $385,000 for Ukrainians with disabilities. Special thanks to: Google, AT&T, Bristol Myers Squibb, Public Good Software, the Zenkle Family Foundation, Bristol Myers Squibb employees, Text-to-Give and CNN Impact your world donors.

Donate to the GADRA Ukraine response by a direct PayPal contribution or text WID to 20222 for a $10 or WORLD to 20222 for a $25 donation. All one-time donations will be added to your monthly phone bill and 100% of funds raised will go to support Ukrainians with disabilities.

No standard text messaging fees are incurred by mobile users to initiate and complete a text message donation. No portion of any amount donated is held by participating wireless providers, 100% of all donations are passed through at 100% to this effort. All mobile users can obtain a tax receipt for their donations made via text message by visiting: Mobile users can donate up to $100 per 30 consecutive days.

Cell phone with text: Text to give support to ukrainians with disabilities. Text WID to 20222 to give $10 or WORLD for a $25 donation. All one-time donations will be added to your monthly phone bill.