Navigational Tips for Our Site

Usability and navigational tips for our website, plus any known issues and what to do if you encounter them

Accessibility and usability are deeply important to us. As we develop and improve our site, we will update this page with notes on any known issues, and how to proceed if you encounter them.

Most of these notes will be relevant to users of screen reader technology like NVDA, JAWS, or VoiceOver.

If you find any additional access or usability problems while using our site, please let us know! You can email us at or navigate to the Contact Us page and use the contact form or additional contact options there.

Resource pages: Links manager plugin

In several locations within the Resources section of our site, we have created lists of relevant, trusted external resources. We are using a link manager plugin to allow you to filter for the kinds of resources you are interested in. Filter options include: format (video or text-based), topics, language, geographic (global or national), and purpose (know your rights, legal, advocacy, research). You can select the filters you want using check boxes at the top of the list, or select "View all".

There is currently an issue with the filter functions which causes the filters to add instead of taking away - so for example, if you select "videos" and "advocacy", instead of showing you only videos about advocacy, it will show all videos and all advocacy resources. We're working with the plugin support to resolve this issue.

We will continue to add filter categories as we increase the diversity of resources available on our website. If there is a filter category that would be helpful to you, please let us know (contact information at top of page).

Appointment Scheduler

If you are using screen reader software, please note that the "go forward" and "go backward" buttons are for selecting a week to book your appointment with us.

Upcoming Events page: Google Calendar plugin

On our Events page, we are using a Google Calendar plugin to display the dates and details for any upcoming events. You can toggle between list view and calendar view, but in calendar view, screen reader technology may read a week of events all together, without reading the event dates.

For this reason, we have it set to default to list view.

Donate page: Donate via PayPal form

On our Donate page, to make a donation via credit or debit card, a link takes you to PayPal's secure payments portal. When you choose to use a credit or debit card instead of a PayPal account, you are prompted to fill out a form with your card details. However, if any of the information you entered is incorrect, the form does not alert screen readers so that you know to fix it.

If you use a screen reader and encounter this issue, we recommend that you choose one of the following alternatives:


Site Glossary

As part of our commitment to accessibility, we have prioritized plain language and added a glossary page that includes any jargon, industry-specific language, technical terms, and any other potentially confusing or unfamiliar language.

On pages throughout the site, glossary terms are hyperlinked, so that you can follow the link directly to that term's definition on the glossary page. After reading the defintion, you can return to your previous page by using the back button on your web browser.

If you use a screen reader, this may be confusing if you open your links list, as you will get a list of links that includes each glossary term on that page. For more streamlined navigation, we recommend navigating by header.