Event invite graphic with text. Text: Deaf Leadership in International Disaster Policy, a virtual event hosted by the Global Alliance for Disaster Resource Acceleration (GADRA) and Gallaudet University. October 29, 2021 at 1 PM UTC/9 AM EDT/11 PM NSW. Presentation languages: American Sign Language and English with live-captioning (CART). Questions? Contact GADRAinfo@wid.org. Featuring: Emmanuel Jacq, International Deaf Emergency (IDE), USA, and Leilani Craig, Deaf-led emergency management and resource needs, University of Sydney, Australia. Photos of Emmanuel and Leilani over a purple gradient background.
Graphic with text: Click here to make a donation to support disability-led organizations aiding people with disabilities affected by the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Ida and/or to support GADRA operations.
Marcie Roth smiles in photo with text: WID's CEO and Executive Directory was named one of Forbes' 50 Over 50 Women Leading the Way in Impact.
Banner with text: What's Up WID: The World Institute on Disability Podcast. Beneath the banner is an image of a microphone.

About WID

The World Institute on Disability (WID) was established in 1983 as one of the first global disability rights organizations founded and continually led by people with disabilities. WID works to advance the rights and opportunities of over 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide, bringing research and policy into action and operationalizing inclusion.

Our work centers around Digital Tools for Optimizing Community Living and Employment; Accessibility Solutions; and Excellence in Disability Inclusive Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Climate Resilience.  WID is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service.

To learn more about WID, visit our About WID pages, linked below:

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If you are having technical issues or accessibility issues on this site, email wid@wid.org.

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