Based in Berkeley, California, the World Institute on Disability (WID) is a nonprofit that works to fully integrate people with disabilities into the communities around them in a variety of different ways.

Our Programs

Just how do we work toward total inclusion of people with disabilities?

(Employment & Economic Empowerment)

Aims to generate and support self-confident and well-prepared job seekers with disabilities.

  • Disability & Employment Empowerment: content for improved competitive job-seeking skills and for improved economic self-sufficiency and employment outcomes
  • Benefits & Work Incentives (including DB101): content to guide individuals on disability benefits on how to better navigate the system for improved outcomes
  • Economic Inclusion: strategies, including improved asset development, financial planning and other economic strategies designed to assist people with disabilities with their financial planning
  • CareerACCESS Initiative: both a policy and program plan, promoting change to the federal government benefits program and providing tools targeting specific state and local programs to increase employment outcomes
  • ABLE 101: information about Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Accounts, a way for people with disabilities to more efficiently save for their future

Climate Change

Offers proactive training, education, and preparation to combat the stunning effects climate change and disasters have on the world’s disability population.

Health Access

Addresses health care disparities for people with disabilities by working to improve access to quality, culturally competent health care, and services.


Builds leadership and capacity in disabled persons organizations in post-conflict and developing countries to promote full inclusion of people with disabilities.

WID is a proud member of InterAction, InterAction Logoraising awareness of disability internationally.

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