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The World Institute on Disability brings together our knowledge and skills to  give our customers world-class consulting, training and technical assistance services. Combined with our successful past performance and history, we are excited to help our customers navigate complex challenges.

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Consulting Services

Our Digital and Conference/Event Accessibility Consulting Services include:

  • User experience (UX) testing for your organization to find  and remove the barriers that customers and employees meet in the built environment and when they use your equipment, technology, products, and services
  • Evaluating how accessible your event or conference is and recommending specific steps and resources to help make sure it is both accessible and inclusive for everyone
  • Bringing hands-on disability expertise and accommodations to your conference or event

Our Disability Inclusive Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Resilience (DIEPDR) Consulting Services Suite includes:

  • Introducing the standards we use to carefully evaluate and score organizations on for Disability Inclusive Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Resilience (DIEPDR)
  • Providing your organization with a self-evaluation tool to help you find your preparedness gaps before launching the DIEPDR process
  • Customizing the DIEPDR to be used as a stand-alone tool or together with a broader effort to evaluate the inclusion of people with disabilities throughout your organization
  • Conducting a thorough analysis to measure current emergency preparedness plans, policies, processes, and who is responsible for them
  • Producing a customized DIEPDR report that includes findings and recommendations, with minimum, recommended, and exemplary standards that identify risks and hazards
  • Identifying strengths and gaps in physical environments, programs, communications, and documentation
  • Providing a Disability Inclusive Emergency Preparedness Certification for corporations and organizations that are leading disability inclusive emergency preparedness and disaster resilience

Our Inclusive Emergency and Disaster Planning Consulting Work includes: 

  • Designing Emergency Operations Plans
  • Providing Standard Operating Procedures, guidance, and considerations documents
  • Making sure all plans are universally inclusive, including evacuation; transportation; sheltering; shelter in place; distribution, continuity of operations, recovery, assistance, and reunification; and all communication plans
  • Establishing or refreshing protocols, procedures, and documents inclusive of people with disabilities, including protocols and procedures for disability stakeholder groups
  • Providing documents that explain what is recommended and expected of partners and support agents
  • Customizing disability-inclusive resource and referral lists, evaluation checklists, job action sheets, and just-in-time training
  • Making sure that people with disabilities and multiply-marginalized people get equitable treatment throughout the disaster cycle

Training & Technical Assistance Services

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Our Organizational Disaster Preparedness and Empowerment Training Program covers:

  • How to make sure individuals with disabilities and people with access and functional needs are continually included
  • Integrating disability-inclusive principles into emergency preparedness and disaster planning, response, recovery, and risk reduction
  • Enhancing an organization’s contacts with disability leaders and disability services before, during, and after emergencies and disasters
  • Creating equitable environments, programs, and communication strategies before a disaster strikes
  • Developing solutions that reflect whole community and universal design principles to protect the health and safety of everyone the organization affects
  • Designing and delivering personal preparedness programs for the community to help individuals with disabilities take ownership of their own preparedness and lead preparedness programs in their community
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Our Disability Benefits, Employment, and Housing Assistance includes:

  • Comprehensive, state-specific websites that provide tools and information on benefits, health coverage, housing, and employment to help people with disabilities and people who support them to make decisions using on-demand facts and information
  • Training and technical assistance for service providers to help people with disabilities and their circles of support achieve their employment, benefits, housing, and inclusive living goals
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Our Comprehensive Accessibility Training and Technical Assistance Includes: 

  • Disability etiquette, bias, and rights training for all staff to improve your company's inclusion efforts
  • In-depth accessibility assessments to determine the most effective and efficient solutions
  • Customized programs for prioritizing and achieving accessibility goals
  • Personalized training on the practical application of accessibility tools and practices, including building accessible PowerPoints, Word documents, PDFs, videos, podcasts, and more

Research Services

  • User experience (UX) testing for your organization to understand how people with disabilities access your products and services, learn what issues they encounter, and improve accessibility
  • We offer qualitative research, which allows your organization to receive input from people with specific disabilities on the practical accessibility of your services, policies, programs, or products
  • We engage multiple segments of the disability community to construct a holistic report, providing an extremely insightful and comprehensive, actionable briefing of participants’ experiences, expectations, and concerns

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