WID joined disability rights, public health, and emergency management experts from across the globe to issue urgent calls to action for immediate strategies and solutions from governments at every level, including local, state, federal, tribal and territorial, to address the specific needs of persons with disabilities throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and all public health emergencies.

WID’s Response

Throughout the pandemic, WID has worked in collaboration with the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies, and other local, national, and international groups to get people with disabilities the information, care, and support to survive this pandemic. WID has highlighted disparities and exclusion resulting from disability inequities in COVID-19 safety protocols; vaccine availability, information, and distribution access practices.

Covid-19 and the Rights of People with Disabilities in Disasters

The rights of people with disabilities don't disappear in times of crisis. For information on the rights of people with disabilities in all disasters and public health emergencies and reporting rights violations, in the US and globally, please visit our Rights of People with Disabilities in Disasters & Public Health Emergencies page.

For more information on the rights of people with disabilities specifically in the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend the following resources from our colleagues:

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Covid-19 on the Blog

WID created a series of blogs about the experiences and needs of people with disabilities and disability-led organizations around the world during the pandemic. Click on a headline below to read the full story.

Most recent COVID blogs

Calls to Action on Covid-19

Over 170 organizations have signed on to the original Call to Action and the list of supporters keeps growing. To sign on to the COVID-19 Call to Action, fill out the Call to Action sign-on form.

View list of signatories to the Call to Action

Additionally, read and share the Open letter to Vice President Mike Pence.

You can learn more about WID’s priorities for COVID-19 and all emergency response, as well as our CEO/Executive Director Marcie Roth’s 20+ years of experience working in disability inclusive emergency preparedness and response, via this recorded webinar from the Connecticut State Independent Living Council and Disability Rights Connecticut:

Most Recent Calls to Action

For more information on people with disabilities during emergencies and disasters, see our broader disaster resources page or check out WID's GADRA initiative to improve disaster relief for people with disabilities.