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What We Do

We are global leaders in disability-inclusive emergency and disaster preparedness, with experience working with clients ranging from small organizations to international leaders, large and small businesses, and the United Nations.

With increasing frequency, intensity and complexity of natural and human-caused disasters, we will provide your organization with inclusive disaster preparedness and resilience planning, training, consulting, and other programming to save lives and minimize the negative impact to your organization.

Our innovative and proven approaches, including our keystone Disability Inclusive Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Resilience (DIEPDR) Services, are explained below.

Emergency and Disaster Planning

We help cities and counties improve emergency and disaster plans by including and supporting knowledgeable people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs as key partners.

We provide a review and gap analysis of your current plans, then update the plans or develop new ones — creating disability-inclusive and whole community solutions to help agency officials to meet and exceed compliance requirements and ensure everyone in the community is considered before, during, and after an emergency or disaster.

Our public agency emergency and disaster planning work includes:

  • Designing Emergency Operations Plans that are disability access and functional needs inclusive
  • Providing Standard Operating Procedures, guidance, and considerations documents for all Departments’ plans
  • Ensuring all plans are universally inclusive, including evacuation; transportation; sheltering; shelter in place; distribution; medical care and health maintenance; exits from institutions; housing; recovery; reunification; and all communication plans
  • Establishing or refreshing disability-related protocols, procedures, and documents, including disability stakeholder engagement group protocols and procedures
  • Providing recommendation and expectations documents for partner and support agents
  • Customizing disability-inclusive resource and referral lists, evaluation checklists, job action sheets, and just-in-time training
  • Ensuring equity for people with disabilities and multiply-marginalized people across the disaster cycle
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Organizational Preparedness and Empowerment Training Program

Our team has decades of experience in designing and delivering disability-inclusive preparedness and empowerment training for organizations of all sizes.

From large federal agencies and corporations to major cities, local municipalities, and businesses of all sizes, we scale and customize our training and modalities to meet our client's requirements.

Our training covers:

Disability access and functional needs inclusion

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Integrating disability-inclusive principles into emergency preparedness and disaster planning, response, recovery, hazard mitigation, and risk reduction

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Expanding an organization’s disability contacts before, during, and after emergencies and disasters

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Creating equitable environments, programs, and communication strategies before a disaster strikes

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Whole community inclusion, universal design, accessibility, reasonable accommodations and modifications, and community engagement solutions that protect the lives of clients, consumers, contractors, and employees

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Personal Preparedness and Empowerment Program

How do we assist individuals with disabilities to take ownership of their own preparedness and to move forward in preparedness leadership in their communities?

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We design easy-to-use tools written in plain language + an easy-access universal learning strategy

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A training program that is designed for people with disabilities who live independently or have independence in their daily life

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A variety of modalities to reach stakeholders and communities via accessible and flexible methods

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We believe that one of the most powerful determinants of disability inclusion in a disaster is a community of people with disabilities who will partner to create disaster equity, climate resilience, and inclusive emergency management.

Disability Inclusive Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Resilience Consulting Services Suite

Recognizing a gap and realizing the solution, we developed a robust Disability Inclusive Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Resilience (DIEPDR) Consulting Services Suite.

Recognizing that preparedness leading to rapid response is essential at all levels — personal, community, corporate, national, and global — WID offers tools to build sustainable resilience through this robust suite designed to support our community hubs in both the private and public sectors.

Organizations committed to social responsibility and justice, disability equity, and inclusion in all facets of emergency preparedness and disaster resilience priorities use the DIEPDR Suite to:

  • Identify and remediate gaps
  • Protect their investment in people
  • Create a culture of universal disability inclusion
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The DIEPDR strategy and scope includes:

Hosting a comprehensive onboarding review of the DIEPDR scaled analysis and scoring structure for corporations and organizations of all sizes

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Customizing the DIEPDR to be used as a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with a broader disability inclusion evaluation effort such as Smart Business For All (SB4All)

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Conducting a rigorous scaled analysis of existing disaster preparedness plans, policies, processes, and position responsibilities within a business, organization, or agency by globally knowledgeable experts

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Producing a customized DIEPDR Findings and Recommendations Report, including an awareness of minimum, recommended, and exemplary standards, enabling an organization to identify areas of risk and vulnerability related to internal, partnership, and external actions

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Identifying physical, programmatic, and communication strengths and gaps related to organizational disability-inclusive disaster, continuity of operations, and resilience planning

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Certifying corporations and organizations as premier models of disability inclusion with Disability Inclusive Emergency Preparedness Certification that recognizes their commitment to their employees, customers, and the broader community

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Why partner with WID?

Corporations and organizations are making strides with disability inclusion initiatives, including building more inclusive talent acquisition pipelines, establishing disability-focused employee resource groups, improving reasonable accommodations programs, and more.

However, one area is being left behind.

What will you do in an emergency?

Having an emergency preparedness policy is not enough. Employees, clients, customers with disabilities, and the communities they live in, deserve thoughtful planning, training, and capacity building to ensure their lives and livelihoods are accounted for.

Our approach is rooted in proven disability-inclusive emergency preparedness expertise and ‘boots on the ground’ experience that transforms organizations beyond policy to truly disability-inclusive emergency  preparedness and disaster-resilient, sustainable organizations.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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