What’s Up WID: The World Institute on Disability Podcast

“What’s Up WID” is our biweekly podcast, where we discuss what’s up in the disability community across the globe. Each episode can be found here on our website with American Sign Language and transcripts as well as on all major podcast platforms. Access each episode by clicking the corresponding image or clicking on your preferred platform below.


Latest Episodes:

Text: Rebecca Alexander, Accessibility, Community Inclusion and the Life of Helen Keller.Rebecca Alexander, a white woman with brown hair stands with her arms crossed.Banner graphic of Angeline Akai, a Black woman wearing traditional Kenyan clothing. Text: Angeline Akai Lodi, Disability Justice in Kenya, Novemebr 12, 2021. What's Up WID.Banner graphic with Text: Emily Ladau, Demystfying Disability & The Importance of Allyship, October 23, 2021, What's Up WID, Image of Emily Ladau, a white woman sitting in a wheelchair. Banner with image of Dustin Gibson, text: Dustin P. Gibson, Disability Justice & Intersectionality, October 8, 2021, What's Up WID.Banner graphic of Tom Olin with text: Tom Olin, The Role of Artists in Disability Activism, September 24, 2021, What's Up WID.Banner graphic of Nikki Brown Booker, a Black and Asian woman with short black curly hair. Text: Intersectionality Between Racism & Ableism, September 10, 2021, What's Up WID>Banner image of Damian P. Gregory. Text: How COVID-19 Transformed the Lives of People with Disablities, August 27, 2021, What's Up WID.Banner graphic of Maryangel Garcia-Ramos. Text: Maryangel Garcia-Ramos, Disability Representation in the Media, August 13, 2021, What's Up WID>Banner Graphic with images of Sarah Goldman & Olivia Babis. Text: Celebrating ADA 31 and Moving Forward, July 26, 2021.Banner graphic with image of Kamilah Martin-Proctor, a Black woman with long braided hair and a white turtleneck. Text: Kamilah Martin-Proctor, Unconscious Bias, July 9, 2021, What's Up WID.Banner graphic with text: Debra Ruh, Disability Inclusion, June 17, 2021, What's Up WID.Banner graphic with image of Conchita Hernandez, a light-skinned Brown woman with long dark brown hair, wearing a dark green sweater. Text: Conchita Hernandez, Latinx Disability Community & Access to Education. June 4, 2021, What's Up WID.Banner graphic with image of Dawn Skaggs and text: Dawn Skaggs, Whole Community Disaster Preparedness & Response, May 21, 2021, What's Up WIDBanner graphic with image of Marcie Roth, a white woman with short brown hair and red eyeglasses and a red blouse.. Text: Marcie Roth, May 7, 2021, Institutionalization of People with Disabilities.