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What We Do

WID values the lived experiences of people with disabilities as part of the vital process to make products and services accessible.

Our services support companies and organizations of all sizes via disability-led surveys and focus groups, user experience testing, climate assessments, and advisory services to drive better design and accessible experiences for employees, clients, and customers.

Surveys and Focus Groups

We offer survey and focus group research, which allows your organization to receive input from people with specific disabilities on the practical accessibility of your services or products.

By using our extensive U.S. based and global network, we engage multiple segments of the disability community to construct a holistic report, providing an extremely insightful and comprehensive actionable briefing of participants’ experiences, expectations, and concerns.

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User Experience (UX) Testing

We provide a unique opportunity for your organization to better understand how people with disabilities access your products and services, learn what issues they encounter, and improve accessibility.

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How does usability testing work?

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You share your accessibility goals, questions, and needs

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We build a diverse group of testers with a range of disabilities to participate in the testing

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Users are put through a series of activities and asked to provide feedback as they attempt to complete them

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WID researchers observe and highlight areas in which users experience a high level of difficulty at completing any of the assigned tasks

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Notes and observations are then organized into a formal report so that improvements in accessibility can be made

Questions your company may have:

  • Is our product easy for people with disabilities to use?
  • Are our digital assets accessible for screen-reader users?
  • Can a person with mobility disabilities easily access our physical locations?
  • Are our marketing assets inclusive of the disability community?
  • Does my video content have ASL interpretation and/or  captions?
  • Can users find answers to their questions?

Ultimately, user testing provides an avenue to ensure that the answer to all these questions is “yes.”

Conference/Event Accessibility

When planning for a conference or event either in-person or virtually, ensuring that it is digitally and physically accessible for all participants helps ensure that it is well attended and received.

We conduct an assessment of your conference or event’s accessibility services and then provide specific recommendations and offer resources to help ensure that your conference or event is both accessible and inclusive for everyone.

We also offer a concierge service to bring our expertise to your conference or event.

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Interested in more resources about how to make your events accessible? Check out our Conference Accessibility Resource Library!

Assessments, Training, and
Advisory Services

Our advisory services provide you with a hands-on partner that is with you every step of the way. Because we have worked with small, mid, and large-sized clients all over the world, we can help you proactively anticipate and meet ever-changing accessibility requirements.

We start with a comprehensive in-depth assessment so that we can determine how we can help assist you in the most effective and efficient manner.

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We partner with you to understand your needs, then design a customized program to help you achieve your accessibility goals.

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Along the way, we provide in-depth training so that your organizational knowledge grows over time.

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From our clients and partners

“WID has been an integral partner in helping AFCPE® enhance our disability and inclusion efforts.

With their support, we have examined our strategies, policies, and practices and made improvements to our accessibility options, which have allowed more people with disabilities to participate in our events and educational programming.”

Rachael DeLeon, Interim Executive Director, Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education® (AFCPE®)

Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education® logo

“We know that the more we design for inclusion, to be welcoming and to strengthen our communities, the better our business will be and the better the Starbucks experience will be for our partners and customers.

It inspires and motivates us to make our store and digital environments even more inclusive and accessible at every turn.”

Katie Young, Senior Vice President of Global Growth and Development, Starbucks


Why partner with WID?

Having worked with many types of organizations - Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, community nonprofits, and small startups, we are confident that our service solutions will provide your organization with
data-driven insights to achieve your accessibility and design goals.

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