Spokane Disaster Health Equity Task Force Members

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AFN Health Equity Task Force


Organization Name and Title Email Address Office phone Other contact info:
Spokane County Emergency Management Chris Barnes cbarnes@spokanecounty.org 1121 W. Gardner, Spokane 99201 509.939.1580 back up: Simone Ramel-McKay  sramelmckay@spokanecounty.org
City of Spokane Equity & Inclusion City Council Lead Alexander Gibilisco, Equity  and Inclusion City Council lead agibilisco@spokanecity.org City Hall 7th floor, 808 W. Spokane Falls, Blvd. Spokane 99201
City of Spokane Emergency Management Sarah Nuss, Director snuss@spokanecity.org 509.435.7026
Coalition on Inclusive Emergency Planning (CIEP) Jim House, Disability Integration Manager jim.house@dshs.wa.gov 360.339.7435 text to: 360.338.5114
DAC NEW  (formally known as INDEx) Erin Ferrier, Program Manager erin@index-wa.org 25 West Main Ave, 3rd floor,  Spokane 99201 509.338.8738
Kimm Wallace, Veteran Directed Care Program Coordinator & First Choice Coordinator kim@dacnw.org
Barbara Merchant, Public Health Worker bmercha@gmail.com 678.978.32.56
Community Living Connections/ALTCREW (Aging and LTC of Eastern WA) Bethany Osgood, Planning Director, Tribal Liaison, EMS coordinator Bethany.osgood@dshs.wa.gov 1222 N. Post Street, Spokane 99201 509.458.2509. ext. 334
Jenni Jones, Planning Coordinator jenni.jones@dshs.wa.gov 509.458.2509 ext. 335
The Isaac Foundation (autism) Maria Jennings maria@theisaacfoundation.org 606 W. Sharp, Spokane 99201 509.325.1515
CHAS Health Summer Rose, EPR Manager Srose@chas.org 611 N. Iron Bridge Way, Spokane 99202 509.496.4152 Shelby Lambdin, Director, Health Equity
Spokane County Trauma Care Council Bethany Osgood is representative for EMS
Better Health Together Virginia Matheny, virginia@betterhealthtogether.org 157 S. Howard Suite 102, Spokane 99201
WA State EMD Tracey Singh-Poole -AFN Program Manager Tracey.SinghPoole@mil.wa.gov Camp Murray WA 253.512.7103 Cell:253.512.7103
Multicare Deaconess Hospital/Valley Hospital Sara Welty, Quality Program Manager sara.welty@multicare.org 800 W 5th Ave, Spokane, 99204 509.603.7533 back up: Ken Mitchell, Emergency Manager kenneth.mitchell@multicare.org  cell: 541.579.8816
Washington Advocate of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Deaf Blind (WADHH) Sandra Carr, community advocate Spokane and Eastern WA sandra.carr@WADHH.org 200 N. Mullan Rd. Suite 217, Spokane 99206 509.530.2022 (message) text to: 475.3430
WA Association for the Deaf Karen Atwood, President wsad.president.gmail.com
CIEP, Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Steve Peck, representative steven.peck@dshs.wa.gov VP:360.339.7762
CIEP Todd Holloway, Stakeholder toddh@cfisouth.org 253.582.1253 ext. 104
VA Western Region (Spokane/Walla Walla) Christopher Jaklitsch, Emergency Manager Christopher.Jaklitsch@va.gov 509.822.8551
Inland Behavioral Health Susan Giovanini, Director of Risk Management and Compliance Officer Susan.Giovanini@uhsinc.com 104 W 5th Ave, Spokane WA 99204 Office: 509.992.1348