October Updates from Fight For Right in Ukraine

Ukraine Evacuations Continue

Fight For Right continues to evacuate people with disabilities from Ukraine. Support from GADRA and Nippon Foundation has allowed Fight For Right to purchase an accessible vehicle and enabled them to continue this invaluable work.

Two people walk towards a waiting car, one using walking poles while the other person helps steady their left side.
A new accessible van, painted blue
An elder woman sleeps on the lap of another person in the car while evacuating

Teplo Project: Fighting to Stay Warm

Winter is coming, and Ukrainians with disabilities who are facing the realities of war on a daily basis also have no heat. They can't go to the shelters for warmth because they are inaccessible. FFR's Teplo Project is leaning forward to provide warm clothes, heating pads, small heaters, and other items.
To help Ukrainians with disabilities face the winter cold you can donate using any of these methods:
10 people outside wearing cold weather clothing, posing for group photo

Over 1,000 pieces of medical equipment arrived safely in Ukraine

Fight For Right has received a generous donation of over one thousand pieces of medical equipment including wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, commodes, and consumable medical supplies such as wound care supplies, incontinence supplies, and feeding tube supplies for Ukrainians with disabilities impacted by the war.

The 41 pallets of supplies donated by the Maryland Department of Aging Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Re-Use program were transported by a safe and trusted transportation partner, Alliance Express Cargo (ACE), whose help made it possible to deliver this large shipment into such a high-risk area. FFR is now working to distribute the supplies to disabled people in Ukraine who need to replace their equipment, and to newly disabled people who need these supplies for the first time.

GADRA is incredibly grateful for the support - thank you to everyone who made this possible, including: Maryland Department of Aging Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Re-Use program, Alliance Express Cargo (ACE), Choose Love Foundation, and of course, our partners at Fight For Right.

Hundreds of walkers and rollators lined up in neat rows in a large warehouse
Large cardboard boxes filled with pairs of crutches
Large cardboard boxes packed in the back of a semi-trailer truck on their way to Ukraine

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